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Double Your Commissions with 1031 Exchanges

How many first time investors are you working with that don’t understand the wealth building power a 1031 tax deferred exchange can provide to their portfolio?

What if I told you that educating your clients on 1031 exchanges can double your commissions?

By helping your clients sell their real estate you get the opportunity to make your normal 3% commission. That’s usually where it stops for the inexperienced adviser.

When you understand the purpose and process of a 1031 exchange you come to understand that your client will be required to purchase another property of equal or greater value within 180 days from the original closing date. Not only that, many times clients will choose to buy more than one replacement property. Thus creating multiple opportunities for more commissions.

This is a huge power play for Escrow Officers and Realtors.

Not only will you make more commissions, but your clients can save hundreds of thousands in capital gains tax and further appreciate your expertise as their partner. You make more money and your client builds a bigger and better portfolio by having more money for prime investment properties. It’s truly a win-win experience for both parties. As we've heard said many times from sellers, “I’ve never had a client complain about the tax savings of a 1031 exchange, but I’ve heard a few displeased clients that called the day after closing, not knowing about the 1031 process."

All great advisers have a network of resources that provide expert knowledge on all facets of the real estate industry. If you’re in need of a 1031 professional to provide high levels of customer service and knowledge, please visit or 801-403-9474. 1031 Pros stands ready to help you and your clients. All calls are completely complimentary and we will answer the phone!

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