Job Interview


Step 1: Seller opens escrow on the sale of the property

• Contact 1031 Pros to setup the exchange.

• Ownership of the Relinquished Property is transferred to 1031 Pros.

• Ownership is then immediately transferred to the buyer of the Exchanger's property.

• At the close of escrow the proceeds are wire transferred from escrow to a bank designated by 1031     Pros. 

• Funds are held in a separate dual signature account setup for each specific transaction.​

Step 2: Identification Period

• Within 45-days of closing on the sale of the property, the replacement property must be identified.  

  Up to 3 properties can be identified.​

Step 3: Purchase Replacement Property


• Within 180 days from the close of escrow on the Relinquished Property, the Replacement Property     must be purchased.

• Exchange proceeds will be wire transferred from the bank to the escrow handling the closing of the   Replacement Property.

• Ownership to the Replacement Property is immediately transferred to 1031 Pros.

• Ownership of the Replacement Property is then immediately transferred to the Exchanger to             complete the exchange.